Anti – Wrinkle Injections

Anti – Wrinkle Injections

Famously known as “Botox”. At MIRROR we have many brands available, amongst them Botox. Botox and other anti-wrinkle injections are actually referred to as “Botulinum toxin”. Botulinum toxin temporarily inactivates the muscle that it’s injected into, and as a result reduces the fine lines (wrinkles) associated with the particular muscle movement. Botox tends to last 4-5 months, but this varies from one person to the other.

About Botox

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to smooth away lines around your eyes, commonly known as “crows feet”, frown lines known as “11s”, and forehead lines. This gives your face a more youthful appearance. Dysport®, BOTOX and Nuceiva is an FDA and health Canada approved neurotoxin that is also used for the same reasons as BOTOX.

Results and Aftercare for BOTOX Cosmetic

For BOTOX cosmetics the results from neurotoxins are noticeable and require no down time. After just one treatment, neurotoxins will temporarily diminish the look of wrinkles by blocking the signal from the nerve to the muscles. By doing this, BOTOX will relax the muscles that cause the wrinkles to appear. Clients have often mentioned that Dysport® sets in faster than BOTOX, but there are not many differences between the different neurotoxins.

What can BOTOX be used for? BOTOX FOR BROW LIFT

A brow lift tends to lift the brow into a noticeably higher position. One of the many things that aging does is dropping of the forehead and as a result lowering the eyebrows. A brow lift could also diminish some of the lines on your forehead to give a more relaxed and less angry look. The procedure involves the injection of a small amount of Botox/or any anti-wrinkle agent in a strategically placed area to give you the perfect lift.


Botox can be used for excessive sweating in under arms and in palms. Excessive sweating can be a very embarrassing condition for some people. It can affect the way you dress and effect your self-confidence, especially in situations of high stress such as giving a speech. After the treatment you should notice a reduction in sweating within 14 days of your first treatment. Results last 6 to 8 months!


BOTOX also help treat muscle spasms, migraines, and reduces necklines such as: necklace lines (horizontal neck lines) and vertical neck lines. Dermal fillers such as Revanesse or JUVADERM are often combined with the BOTOX treatment to plump up the deeper lines/wrinkles to give you the perfect results.

Effortlessly Beautiful with Botox

Are you ready to take the first step towards a younger-looking, wrinkle-free complexion? Botox has been a trusted solution for millions of people around the world, offering quick and noticeable results that last. Why not schedule a consultation today and find out how Botox could work for you? With the help of a qualified medical professional, you can achieve the smooth, refreshed look you’ve always dreamed of. Let’s talk about Botox – book your appointment now!

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