Russian Technique
By Nurse Yara

📍Cairo, Egypt

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Russian Lips: Nurse Yara's Technique Training in Egypt

Join us for the Lip Master Class in Egypt, where you’ll discover ‘The Nurse Yara Lip Technique.’ Developed in 2019 and continuously refined, this technique combines the artistry of the Russian lip technique with other proven methods, all designed to achieve your clients’ desired lip aesthetics. The latest refinements have made lip filler procedures virtually painless using this method.

Nurse Yara’s dedication to perfecting her technique has taken her across the globe, training with esteemed providers like Dr. Toma (Russia), Dr. Maria (Ukraine), MSTR (London), Velvet Aesthetics (Essex), and many more. This specialized approach ensures that the lips you create will feature a flat profile, meticulous vermillion border, maximum vertical height, and a subtle heart-shaped appearance.

During this training, you will gain hands-on experience and learn the art of achieving these exceptional results. Join us in Egypt and elevate your expertise in lip enhancement.
Discover the secrets to achieving Russian lips with Nurse Yara’s expert lip technique during our upcoming training session on September 11th. The exact clinic location will be disclosed upon registration. This comprehensive full-day training, spanning 6-7 hours, offers a unique opportunity for up to 10 participants, who will have the chance to inject 2-3 models themselves while observing Nurse Yara in action.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a certification to showcase your newfound skills. Don’t miss out – the deadline for registration is September 2nd at 2 pm Eastern Time.

Total Cost of Training:
$1800 US

*Deposit required


Book Your Lip Filler Appointment with Nurse Yara in Egypt

I’m Nurse Yara, known for my expertise in lip enhancement. During our Egypt event, I’m offering exclusive appointments for lip filler services on September 12th, 11pm-4pm; 30min intervals. By appointment only, no walk-ins. If you’re seeking the perfect pout, I’m here to help. Secure your spot now for a tailored lip transformation. Appointments are priced at $190 USD, with a $50 USD deposit required. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your beauty. Click below to schedule your lip filler appointment.

Total Cost of Treatment: $190 US
*Deposit required