Managing Director

Welcome to the Mirror experience. My name is Jef and I am the co-founder/Managing Director of Mirror by Nurse Yara. As a serial entrepreneur I was inspired by Nurse Yara’s artistic talent and admired her passion for advanced medical aesthetics. I quickly realized the important role that an Cosmetic injector plays in a clients life when it comes to their health and beauty needs. I’m very fortunate to have learned about the medical and technical components of cosmetic injecting from Toronto’s top rated Injectors, , Nurse Yara. This experience has helped me eliminate the misperceptions and stigma that once prevented many men from enhancing their beauty and preserving their masculinity. Through all this, I see a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in the industry by bringing medical professionals together whom have advanced training, shared passion to enhance the lives of our clients and utmost integrity in their practice, as one family at Mirror. We look forward to making you smile!

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