Nurse Carolina

Cosmetic Injector

Hey there good looking, My name is Carolina Archibald. I am an artist, a wound care specialist and an advanced medical aesthetic injector. Before joining the Mirror clinic, I worked with plastic surgeons, where I mastered the techniques behind medical injectables.  I can confidently say I am a pinnacle of my craft and am proud of what my hands can create. My experience includes working alongside surgeons in the specialty clinic – a specialized unit located at the hospital. I studied at the Canadian board of Aesthetic medicine and like to take medical aesthetic courses in different countries to understand the difference in beauty standards within cultures. I specialize in full-face contouring, sculpting and like to think of the lips being the cherry on top. What do I mean when I say this? I create lips that best compliment your facial structures. My favourite part of my job is seeing my patients react to my work. I get the same feeling as when someone looks at my art. Thank you for trusting me with your face! I can't wait to meet you.

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