Nurse Maggie

Nurse Maggie, MSN, NP-PHC, PhD(c)

Hi and welcome! My name is Maggie, a medical director and an advanced cosmetic injector. With over 12 years of experience in medical aesthetics, health care management, clinical management, complex wound consultation and educational development, I have always had a passion for cutting edge medical knowledge and clinical practices, so I never stop educating myself while helping health care professionals stay abreast of the latest education and techniques. I graduated with a master degree of science in Nurse Practitioner with distinction and I’m completing a doctoral degree. Specific to aesthetics, I found tremendous value for clients when linking my clinical background and education experience, which not only enable quality services but warrant ethical and safe care on a continuous basis. On personal time, fashion is my favourite topic and there are lots in common between aesthetics and fashion! Happy to chat.

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